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Tile Cleaner Melbourne specialises in offering cleaning as well as restoration services. We clean grimy tile and grout and restore them to their original condition by sealing, polishing, and repairing them. We are preferred by home owners as well as commercial owners to help maintain indoor and outdoor tiles and grout, as well as vinyl floors. We handle all types of indoor and outdoor floor tiles and grout including Marble, Terracotta, Travertine, Porcelain, Granite, Concrete, Ceramic, and Timber among others.
Our services are charged per square meter. Having said that, our services are customised to best suit the requirements and budget of our customers. Our pricing is calculated based on the requirement (cleaning, resealing, restoration), the size of the facility, and the choice of cleaning solutions. We will advise you on the best products that align with your requirement and budget and can help you choose the best fits.
Although our cleaning solutions effectively remove even the most stubborn stains and grime from tiles and grout, they aren’t toxic. The health and safety of our customers is paramount to us. We use non-toxic solutions only and will remove toxic solvents and sealers if have been used previously on your tiles. Our experienced cleaning agents will advise you in case traces of any toxic chemical are found within your premises (in the area that we are cleaning or restoring).
You can use the facilities soon after we are done – our services involve no wait time post a session. However, for the best results, we recommend that you co-operate with our agents while they are at work and wait till they are done.
It is recommended that all furniture and obstructions in the area and the path leading to the area be cleared prior to our arrival. This will reduce delay and minimise the chances of your resources getting misplaced. Also, a general vacuum of the area is appreciated.
You can book an appointment in less than a minute by posting your query on our Contact page. We will promptly get back to you to confirm the appointment. Based on your requirements, we will provide you the best quote. Should it be necessary, we can also arrange for our service manager to visit your premises (prior to the cleaning/restoration session) for analysing your requirements. You can also call our customer care number to book a session.

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