Shower Cleaning and Restoration

Quality We Ensure

The more you clean you are leaving chemicals on top of the tile and dert,grimes and bacteria in to the grout.


Experienced Workers

Making easy for you to regularly Maintenance.


Grout And Silicone Replace

We replace grout and silicone, when grout is damage or missing the only option is to replace it to maintain your shower appearances and stop liking in.

If the silicone start to show black spot or look derty, it need to be replace. As it cannot be clean and it became permeable, allowing water liking in And cause futher damage.

We only use top quality grout and silicone to ensure peace of mind for many years.

Grout and silicone come in many different colors to match any type and colors of tile

Shower Glass Clean And Seal

Shower glass areas like door and side has been a nightmare for years, not anymore we can clean them from soap scum and water mark buildup, and seal it make it look always clean.

Frequently Ask Questions

$80 to $150

Includes: tile, grout and glass $180