Tiles and Grout Cleaning Services

High quality tile and & grout cleaning services over 15 years of experience.


Keep your tile and gout clean is a difficult task if not impossible.

Once you notice your tile and gout still look derty no matter how much effort you put into the cleaning process.

Then you need a professional tile and grout cleaning services in melbourne, we bring back to the brand new looking and then we can advice you the best way to keep it as long possible like that.

Why it's important to seal your grout and tile.

Sealer is a barrier between Tile and Grout Cleaning and Seal Dandenong Victoria, again external aggressive elements, restore the natural beauty of tile and stop water absorption making easy to clean without damage.

Clean And Seal: Tile And Grout

if the tile and grout are in good condition ( not cracks or missing grout) sealer is the solution for future and easy maintenance of the grout and tile Every tile comes with sealer sometimes are: natural , satin or gloss but with daily use the sealer is getting lose leaving the tile looking dull impossible to clean.

GROUT only a few grout like epoxy grout are water proof using in hospital and comercial food but the rest of the grout are not water proof what allow dirty water penetrating creating the perfect condition that bacteria and mould develop.

Using a high quality sealer, you can prevent this to happen

Some of Type of the tile we clean and seal​